Acetyl L Carnitine Benefits and Effect To Weight Loss

By | June 7, 2009


What is Acetyl L Carnitine or L-Carnitine for short? What are its benefits and its effect with regards to health and weight loss?

With so many drinks being introduced in the market today that contains L-Carnitine, it may help to know what exactly this substance is and if it can really help in losing weight as the ads and commercials claim.


Carnitine is a nutrient that is naturally produced by our body such as the liver and kidneys. It is commonly stored in the skeletal muscles, heart, brain and others. Scientific studies show that carnitine helps the body turn fat into energy.

Some people, can develop a deficiency in carnitine, thus carnitine supplements is often prescribed to them by doctors. Diseases and afflictions such as angina, diabetic neuropathy and memory impairment are among those that Acetyl L Carnitine gives benefits to.

For other benefits including improvement in exercise performance and increasing one’s potential to lose weight, there has been little or no effect at all based on the studies. This means that while L-Carnitine helps in turning fat into energy, it has however, no direct effect on weight loss.

In other words, simply drinking beverages such as Fit ‘N Right will not make you lose weight – you still need to exercise. Well, that’s how I understand it.

I also discovered that meat, poultry, fish and dairy products are the richest sources of L-Carnitine. So this means that if you regularly eat a balanced diet, then chances are you’re already getting the proper amount of carnitine.

Hmmm, pretty interesting facts. Well, this is just based from online resources which I found on the web. So I could have missed some other facts, as well as the latest developments on studies about L-Carnitine.

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  3. mike

    Still, the best way to lose weight is proper/balance diet, exercise, discipline and drink lots of water….

    Those product may help but they wont be permanent….it cost….and of course they are making Del Monte RICH….RICHER.

    Also doing household chores helps in losing weight….so get up and do something instead of watching those commercials.

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