Alo Youth Aloe Vera Drink

By | October 12, 2009


Feeling a bit adventurous? Then try drinking Aloe Vera! There’s a new product in the grocery called Alo Youth and it’s an aloe vera juice drink from RFM.

I really had second thoughts of buying this drink when I first saw it. But I eventually decided to, out of curiosity and for the sake of this blog. ๐Ÿ˜€


As far as I know, this is available in two flavors, Apple and Lychee. I bought the Apple flavor because I felt that its taste would be “safer”.

Anyway, Alo Youth basically has natural aloe vera bits, collagen, vitamin E and L-carnitine. Hmmm, another health drink that’s being marketed with weight loss benefits.


Can you see the aloe vera bits in the photo above? That was actually what’s giving me second thoughts – I’ve always known aloe vera as gooey and slimey so I was really not looking forward to trying this drink.

But eventually I did.

And it tasted okay with me. Yup… just okay. The Alo Youth Apple tasted like C2 Apple with nata de coco bits – but of course we all know it’s not nata but aloe vera. And yeah, it’s NOT gooey and slimey.


Now why would you consider drinking aloe vera juice? Well, according to the various websites I did research on, it has the following benefits:

  • Good for blood circulation
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Good for disorders of the bones and joints
  • Benefits the immune system
  • Defends the body against hostile organisms
  • Provides exceptional nutritional value for health and energy
  • Excellent for healing tissue damage inside the body
  • Good for healing ulcers
  • Good for controlling sugar levels in diabetics
  • Helps to reduce itchiness in psoriasis heal
  • Helps to make you regular and eliminate constipation

Wow, so aloe vera is not just good for “growing” hair. ๐Ÿ˜€

But would I try drinking aloe vera again after this one? Well, I honestly don’t know.

As I’ve said, it was just okay for me – maybe only if I’m getting it for free. If not, then I’d rather drink freezy iced tea or something else for my thirst.

16 thoughts on “Alo Youth Aloe Vera Drink

  1. Senyorita

    Pwede ko rin kaya ilagay sa buhok yang aloe vera drink kung wala na akong makitang dahon ng aloe vera sa daan? wehehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Jhay

    It’s probably because we grew up knowing that aloe vera was for hair treatment and nothing else.

    But like you, I’d really have second thoughts on drinking this one.

  3. an

    it has 3 flavors actually.. apple, Lychee, and mango.. natikman q na lahat.. and they all do taste good for me… mas healthy kysa sa fit & right.. hehehe..

  4. grace

    ive been drinking alo youth for almost 3 weeks and i like it actually…..but i had this bottle n may amoy!smells like pintura…..worried lng ako if my effect s heath kc nainum ng 1yr old baby ko…..

  5. Abet

    so, was there a drink out there that can help nutrition gaps in what we eat on a daily basis?

  6. katrina

    i started drinking alo youth 2 weeks ago. oftentimes, i drink 2 bottles in 1 day. it’s very refreshing and what i love about this drink is that it supresses my hunger. i don’t know if other drinkers of alo youth experience the same effect.

  7. dannabhabe

    yah..i agree! very refreshing more benefits too..
    actually im selling aloe vera drink. if u want to buy just txt me
    09059791803 thnks..

  8. ezer paul

    i do know kung san nabibili yan 15 pesos per bottle..isang bos 24 pcs bale 350 n lng….if u want mesage me ok

  9. ezer paul

    i do know kung san nabibili yan 15 pesos per bottle..isang box 24 pcs bale 350 n lngรขโ‚ฌยฆ.if u want mesage me ok

  10. Mike

    A great advantage Alo Green tea has over other iced tea products is its dietary fiber content — 50g in one bottle. Definitely worth considering if you don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables in your diet.

    By the way, Aloe Vera has many varieties — the one used to grow hair is a Lily, while the one used in food products (such as this one) is a vegetable — and a very healthful one, too.

  11. Dave

    I am currently working on this product, and I believe that you guys could help me on this. I am working in an advertising agency and my task is to create sampling activities of Alo Youth Aloe Vera, but my dilemma is that RFM wants this product to be positioned as beauty drink. Definitely, I declined when they suggested to do the sampling in salons and or spas because it is not ideal to do it there. Can you guys suggest if what’s the best place for me to conduct the sampling and what gimmick you prefer to be executed? I am doing this as a survey to those who tried drinking this beverage already. Thank you and hoping for your response.

  12. juliet

    hi where to buy aloe vera juice dito sa davao city? thanks

  13. Brigitte

    I have tried the Aloe Vera & Lychee drink and really enjoyed it. I found it to be sweet and tastes very much like the juice of lychees. There are bits of Lychee floating in the drink so if you do not like ‘pulp’ don’t try the Lychee version. I would promote it as a Health Benefit drink.

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