Belgian Chocolate Creme by BoNa Coffee

By | May 12, 2009


A few nights ago, I was craving for some ice blended chocolate. Although I could have made some myself with Milo, milk, sugar and crushed ice at home, I decided to just go out and have it at one of my favorite coffee shops, BoNa Coffee.

BoNa Coffee’s ice blended Belgian Chocolate Creme is really a guilty pleasure for me. Thick, sweet and creamy – just the way I like it.


Gourmet coffee shops don’t just sell coffee and ice blended drinks. They actually sell a lifestyle. In the case of BoNa Coffee, it’s the bohemian lifestyle that marks this place distinct.

Every time I go to BoNa Coffee, there is always a sense of community that you feel inside. Quiet conversations, candid laughs and an artistic ambiance is what makes me come back to this place often.


Of course, there’s also free WiFi – but that’s another story. Do check out BoNa Coffee’s website and find out more about this Filipino owned coffee shop.

4 thoughts on “Belgian Chocolate Creme by BoNa Coffee

  1. Fitz Post author

    Thanks Rina. May branch ito sa BF Pque, another in Westgate Alabang. There’s also one in MOA. 😀

  2. Feebles

    Hi there, good to know some fellow bona coffee lovers here.

    I was in Serenity Place, where Bona Coffee Alabang is last weekend. They had a huge event, they just launched their new Nirvana Card sort of some privilege card. They also opened the Sujiivana Spa, which is a sister company and bunch of other activities.

    Going back to bona coffee, I really love their belgian chocolate and their maple date muffin! Good thing I have my Karma card last week which gave me double point to earn the Nirvana Card. By the way their newest Bona branch is in Nuvali, Sta. rosa, Laguna.

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