Bubba Gump: Bottomless Lemonade and More

By | June 9, 2010


Let’s eat at Bubba Gump! That’s what my friend told me when I asked him where he wants to have dinner in Greenbelt last week.

I’ve not tried the place before, so I agreed and somehow looked forward to comparing their beverage list against Fish & Co, which has a variety of specialty drinks and cocktails.

As we were given the menu, I naturally went for their drinks list first. Hoping to find something fun and interesting to blog here.

Wow, they have a lot of beverages! Aside from the usual sodas, they have specialty drinks, cocktails, smoothies and fruit juices. It was really hard for me to decide which one to order.

I was still browsing through the drink menu when the salad and appetizers arrived. So I took a moment to shoot them first and hope I could finally choose what to drink later.

That’s the Calamari Rings and below is the Classic Cesar Salad with Cajun Shrimps.

When the main dishes started to arrive. I knew I had to order my drink already. But the menu was already taken by our server and I couldn’t remember any of the drinks. Wah!

Already thirsty and almost choking from eating most of the lettuce in the salad, I ordered the first thing that came into my mind – the bottomless lemonade.

Which was not a bad decision in my opinion. The iced lemonade had just the right sweetness and I had a fun time licking the sugar crystals along the glass rim. 😛

Interestingly, our server would replace my glass every time I asked for a refill instead of just pouring more lemonade into it. And that meant more sugar crystals for me to lick. Hah!

Coming home, I searched if Bubba Gump Philippines has their drinks menu on their website and I’m glad that do. Check it out here and here.

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