Buko Shake by Hidden Garden in Vigan, Ilocos

By | June 3, 2009


During my Ilocos vacation, one of the places I was able to visit in Vigan was this restaurant called, Hidden Garden.

This place first started as a garden where the architect owner did his landscaping hobby. It has grown to become a restaurant through the years and has been the secret dining place of celebrities in Vigan.


The place is very cozy and the staff are very friendly. The food is delicious too. My favorite was the Vigan Empanada, which I ate along with this very tasty Buko Shake.


Nice presentation, huh? It came with a mango slice on the side and a mini umbrella. Very refreshing I must say.

So where exactly is Hidden Garden? I’m not telling. šŸ˜› Just ask the locals there in case you get to visit Vigan.

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