Cafe by Kusina Sa Plaza in Boac: Mocha Frappe and More

By | June 1, 2010


Come along with me today, back to my Marinduque vacation, and let me show you one of the very few coffee shops I found in Boac. It’s simply called Cafe, the coffee shop of Kusina sa Plaza.

Tired from walking around town, I looked for a place to have a snack and just across the Boac Museum is this cozy little place which local tourists obviously love.

The place actually looks more like a snack bar than a coffee shop. But don’t let the displayed food menu fool you, they do sell in here some interesting coffee concoctions.

What do they have exactly? Well, they offer espresso drinks such as the americano, latte, cafe mocha and even a caramel machiatto – available hot and iced.

But that day, I opted for their Blended Coffee drinks and ordered a Mocha Frappe. Which is interestingly served with a mini-umbrella!

How was it? Well, it isn’t the best ice-blended mocha I tasted but it isn’t the worst either. Quite sweet and very chocolatey; but with a price tag of only P55 – it was a bargain for me and well worth having a second serving.

Oh and by the way, this is the crispy chicken sandwich I had with my Mocha Frappe. Looks like a burger I know, and not the best combination for my drink if you try to imagine it, but honestly – it somehow worked for me. 😀

I guess that’s it for this entry. Do check out my other posts about Marinduque: Cafe Ma’Mita and the Bathala Caves.

And just in case you’re planning to go there, here’s a short guide on how to get to Marinduque.

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