Can Coffee Help You Become Sober?

By | July 11, 2009


I remember the days when I had a little bit of too much alcohol and my usual routine is to drink coffee to help me sober up.

Now that my heavy drinking days are over. I can’t help but think, did having coffee really helped me back in those days?

And so I did a little research about this and here’s what I found out about coffee and its effect when you’re drunk.


Being drunk will make you drowsy and slow. Caffeine will however give you a burst of energy – thus, getting rid of the drowsiness thereby making you wide awake.

However, you will still be drunk.

This is because the level of alcohol intoxication in your system is still the same. Drinking coffee will have no effect on that.

Which means that although you’re not sleepy anymore, your body coordination will still be sloppy and you’re most likely get into an accident if you drive – so don’t.

And that concludes our short health trivia for today about drinking. Thanks to Mythbusters for providing this information.

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2 thoughts on “Can Coffee Help You Become Sober?

  1. Sober

    yeah coffee might be better the morning after – at least it will help you get orgainised and be alert.

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