Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

By | May 17, 2016


Is drinking green tea good for people who are trying to lose weight? The scientific answer is “No” — but that doesn’t mean you should stop drinking green tea.

Confused? Don’t be as I give an explanation below.


Green tea helps you lose weight

By starting to drink green tea every day in your quest to lose weight, you will most likely disrupt your current eating and drinking patterns and habits.

This can be very beneficial because you are now taking in a liquid that has very positive benefits for the body. These benefits are stimulating your digestive system, giving your body more antioxidants, and even increasing fat burning.

These benefits all play there role in losing weight, and can create a more positive outcome overall.

Depending on how many times you decided to drink green tea a day, it only increase the factors I mentioned as well which could be even more beneficial in your quest to losing weight.

Green tea doesn’t help you lose weight
Even though you may be drinking green, by no means does this guarantee it will help you lose weight.

Losing weight is based largely on one thing, and that is being at a caloric defect daily, over an extended period of time.

You could be drinking all the green tea that your heart desired, but if you are at or above your calorie maintenance level every day, you will not see a change in weight loss.

In closing green tea will not be the sole factor in you losing weight, rather it is one tool of many that can help you achieve weight loss results if factored into your already solid dietary and exercise plan.

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