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Four Health Benefits of Soy Milk

I often see people in the gym drink soy milk. And I thought, why not write about it here today. What exactly is soy milk? What are the health benefits of soy milk? Here are the things I discovered with my short and simple research. I hope you find it informative. But first, here’s my… Read More »

Why Yakult Comes Only In Small Bottles

Yakult, aside from being healthy, is also one of the tastiest ready-to-drink milk out there in the local market. I italicized “milk” because it’s not your typical milk – it’s actually probiotic milk. That means it’s cultured – in other words, it has beneficial bacteria in it (say it with me: Lactobacilli Shirota strain). And… Read More »

Anlene Concentrate Ready To Drink Milk

Last week, I was fortunate to be invited in a health event about osteoporosis. It was sponsored by Anlene and it was my first time to really learn about a disease that I hardly give any attention to. But also, most importantly, I learned that Anlene – while primarily marketed for women, is also something… Read More »

Yakult: Probiotic Milk

I’ve been drinking Yakult since I was in Kindergarten – and years after, I still do. But not solely because of its claimed health benefits, but I guess more than anything else – it’s because of the memories it brings whenever I open one. Memories such as eagerly waiting for the Yakult lady to come… Read More »