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SIP, Your Natural Steeped Milk Teas

Those looking for a milk tea fix can find a refreshing alternative in the natural sweetness of SIP’s steeped milk teas. SIP offers naturally sweet tea-based drinks that can serve as dessert substitutes for those who want to limit their sugar intake. SIP uses high-grade pekoe loose leaves, which naturally sweetens the milk tea and… Read More »

SenCha Milk Tea Place

In Japan, Sencha is green tea made without grinding the leaves. However locally, Sencha means something different because here, it’s a milk tea place – one of the many types which has recently opened in the city this year.

Chatime: Good Tea, Good Time

There’s really so many milk tea places around the metro today and I tried one of the more popular outlets in Alabang Town Center yesterday, Chatime. With the slogan, Chatime: Good Tea, Good Time – I can’t help but smile and kid around with their name in my head as “Tsaa Time”.