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The Best Thirst Quencher

It’s been a while since I wrote a health article here, so I decided to write one today… for your benefit and likewise, to help a friend. In today’s society, a lot of people would go for sports drinks, iced tea, fruit shakes or even soda when they feel thirsty. But ask any doctor and… Read More »

Interesting Facts About Dehydration

Everyone I know seems to be complaining now of the summer heat. While we can’t really control the weather, we can definitely control how it affects us. The hot weather and being under the sun means you’re losing water fast. So be sure to drink plenty of water regularly. Below are some interesting facts and… Read More »

Four Health Benefits of Soy Milk

I often see people in the gym drink soy milk. And I thought, why not write about it here today. What exactly is soy milk? What are the health benefits of soy milk? Here are the things I discovered with my short and simple research. I hope you find it informative. But first, here’s my… Read More »