Chatime: Good Tea, Good Time

By | June 14, 2012


There’s really so many milk tea places around the metro today and I tried one of the more popular outlets in Alabang Town Center yesterday, Chatime.

With the slogan, Chatime: Good Tea, Good Time – I can’t help but smile and kid around with their name in my head as “Tsaa Time”.

Their outlet in the new wing of ATC is a bit small, but I guess it works for most of the people who order milk tea have it to go anyway.

I ordered their classic bestseller, the Chatime Roasted Milk Tea and added Matcha Mousse on it with no pearls (sorry I don’t like “sago”).

Chatime is another international franchise. This bubble tea outlet originally comes from Taiwan and was established back in 2005. They now have an amazing 450 retail locations worldwide.

How was it? Well, I liked the Matcha Mousse… but otherwise, the drink tastes like any other milk tea to be honest.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy my drink that day. It’s not the best out there, but good enough to satisfy anyone’s milk tea cravings.

And for people in Alabang Town Center, Chatime provides an excellent alternative to Gong Cha – which usually has long lines, and normally runs out of supplies towards the end of the day.

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