Coconut Sugar: Your Healthy Sugar

By | November 2, 2012


When it comes to sweetening our drinks, what choices do consumers have today?

It’s usually a toss-up between white or brown sugar and artificial sweeteners, which to a growing number of health conscious consumers, seems more like a choice between the lesser of two evils.

But what if there was an all natural sweetener that could give the same sweetness without the downsides of refined sugar or the bitter aftertaste of an artificial sweetener?

Well, there is such a sweetener in the market today, proudly made in the Philippines, and it’s called coconut sugar.

Coconut sugar is derived from the evaporated sap of organically-grown coconut trees and produced with minimal processing, leaving much of the rich minerals, vitamins, and amino acids found naturally in coconut sap intact.

It has the consistency of brown sugar, a mild caramel flavor, and dissolves readily. Because of its low glycemic index, which means that it doesn’t cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar level, coconut sugar can be used as an integral part of a weight management program and is safe for diabetics to use in moderation.

One of the premium coconut sugar brands in the market today is the product above called, Coco Natura.

As one of the original pioneers to perfect and commercialize the production of coconut sugar in the Philippines, Coco Natura is available in all major supermarkets, offered by many leading hotels and retailers, and is the trusted brand among a growing list of well-respected chefs and bakers who are looking to provide healthier desserts and pastries for their customers.

Aside from the health benefits and great taste, Coco Natura customers can be assured of the quality and safety.

Coco Natura owns its own coconut plantations and employ centralized processing to ensure consistent quality and food safety controls. Their organic coconut sugar is regularly tested using globally accredited testing labs and is never adulterated or blended with additives or other sugars.

With Coco Natura, diabetics can now enjoy their sweetened beverages without fear of their blood sugar levels spiking, moms can offer their kids healthier drinks instead of the sugar-laden sodas and iced teas, and the health conscious now have a better all natural alternative to Splenda or Equal.

If you haven’t tried Coco Natura yet, go out and give it a try.

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