Coffee at Yellow Hauz in Davao City

By | October 16, 2011


When I visited Davao last May, I was able to spend some time with a college friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time. We met after dinner and he took me to this place called Yellow Hauz.

This home grown coffee shop is located in a secluded part of downtown Davao, so it’s quiet and almost residential – giving it a nice ambiance to hangout and talk with friends.

I ordered a COFFEEcat that night. It’s an ice-blended coffee drink with white chocolate and caramel. I found it amusing that one of their drinks is named after another coffee shop business in Davao.

Meanwhile, my friend ordered a simple latte. He says he needs caffeine because he has to finish something that night and he finds the coffee in Yellow Hauz effective.

As for me, I found my drink good and refreshing because it satisfied my sweet tooth that night. But more than that, the ambiance of Yellow Hauz is something that I remember the most that night – quaint and quiet – perfect for reminiscing the good old times with a friend.

Coffee @ Yellow Hauz is located at V. Mapa St. near Mabini Street. Oh, and they have free WiFi. šŸ˜€

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