Coffee Cat in Davao City

By | July 29, 2011


Davao City offers a lot of options for coffee lovers. They have many homegrown cafes that can really give the imported brands we have in Manila a run for their money.

One of them, I believe, is Coffee Cat.

Coming from a hearty meal at Trellis ‘n Vines, me and other DFAT 2011 bloggers decided to have coffee and dessert at Coffee Cat in F Torres.

The place is just a few meters from Trellis ‘n Vines and they offered a cool, clean and cozy refuge from the outside summer heat.

I ordered a Mocha Avalanche for myself that day – that’s their ice-blended mocha drink. Not too sweet, with hints of dark chocolate, I found it quite refreshing and enjoyable.

Coffee Cat uses illy for their beans. That’s a brand of coffee produced in Trieste, Italy and well known for their rich arabica.

Meanwhile, for tea drinkers, they can offer Yogi Tea which is a premium tea brand from the US.

And of course, any coffee shop wouldn’t be complete without the pastries. I wasn’t able to taste the cakes but the simple carrot cupcake I had above really went well with my Mocha Avalanche Ice Blend.

But I’m not worried, because the next time I’m in Davao, or when I get to visit Cebu – I’ll surely visit a Coffee Cat branch, and try more of their drinks.

4 thoughts on “Coffee Cat in Davao City

  1. janice

    i must agree, their avalanche ice blends are really good and the interiors of their stores are so posh and chic. i love coffeecat.

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