Coffee Dream in Cebu

By | August 30, 2010


While waiting for my hotel room at Be Resorts, Cebu to be ready for check in, I asked the reception if there’s a home-grown coffee shop aside from Bo’s Coffee where I could go to and hang out.

Immediately, she said that I should try Coffee Dream. It’s not hard to find one, she claims, because they’re all over Cebu – and indeed it was.

The photo above is just one of their many stores inside SM Cebu. I must say that their stores always look inviting.

I was looking at their menu, trying to decide which coffee drink to order when the barista suggested for me to try their Mango Chill.

Um… okay. Sure why not?! Cebu is well known for their mangoes anyway so I think this would be a good choice of drink as well.

And I was right – it was smooth and creamy with just the right sweetness. The mango flavor is lusciously milky, I should say… and quite refreshing!

And it looks like I was not the only one enjoying Coffee Dream – Eric was likewise having fun with his Iced Milk.

Learn more about Coffee Dream here.

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