Does Coffee Make Life Better? Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee

By | December 11, 2018


What are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee? What are the pros and cons? Does coffee have more benefits than it has harmful effects?

In short, does coffee make life better? The answer is both yes, and no.

Pros of drinking coffee

  • Coffee can fights against tons of neurological disorders.
  • Coffee can help you poop.
  • Coffee can be the only thing that gives you the drive and energy to get that term paper done at 3am.
  • Coffee tastes like heaven.
  • Coffee smells like heaven (and even smelling roasted coffee beans can have a “waking effect”).
  • Coffee is a social norm, so drinking it could lead to meeting new people at a cafe!
  • Coffee is easy to find. It’s sold almost everywhere.
  • Coffee loves you and tries its best.

Cons of drinking coffee

  • Caffeine can be or is addictive.
  • Coffee can stain your teeth.
  • Coffee can burn your mouth.
  • Coffee is a diuretic, which means you’re going to be peeing. A lot… so dehydration.
  • Really good coffee can be expensive.

This is in no way a scientific list. But hey, the point is everything should be taken in moderation. And that includes coffee.

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