Dory’s Flavored Lambanog

By | September 28, 2009


I remember when flavored lambanog was the choice of spirit of the urban youth. Years ago, in almost all house parties I go to, you can expect flavored coconut wine to be served.

Those were the thoughts going through my head when I saw this booth of Dory’s Lambanog while walking inside the One Town, One Product (OTOP) Luzon Island Fair 2009.


The colorful array of bottles were enough to entice me to look closer and talk to the people at the booth, who are by the way, giving out free shots to visitors. 😛


Lambanog comes by many names in English, aside from coconut wine, it’s also called coconut vodka and coconut arrack. It’s basically a distillation of the sap of the unopened coconut flower.

The process begins with the sap being harvested into bamboo receptacles that’s similar to rubber tree tapping. The collected sap is then put through a cooking or fermentation process to produce a coconut toddy called tuba which is then distilled to produce lambanog.


This was the one I got to try that day, the Lambalites Melon. It was sweet and went down quite smoothly.


And that’s me and “Ate” enjoying our flavored lambanog. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Dory’s Flavored Lambanog

  1. Jhay

    I’ve been drinking for like 10 years now and it’s only been last year when I had a shot of pure, unflavored, unadulterated lambanog.

    And my God I understood why they had to flavor it! 😛

    Still, it was a great experience that tested every shred of my manhood.

  2. Hans Pimentel

    I was just back from the Philippines and tried to look all over for Dory’s Lambanog Puro but couldn’t find any. The only place I found was a few years ago at a little stand near Tagaytay. Is there any place in the U.S. that sells your Lambanog. It’s the best vodka.

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