Drinking Sikwate in Bohol

By | October 7, 2011


What is sikwate? If you grew up in Manila, like me, you’d probably have no idea what it is too. But during my visit in Bohol earlier this year, I was finally introduced to this decadent drink.

Yes it’s decadent because it’s basically a hot chocolate drink made from cacao seeds or tableya. Now that’s the description you’re probably more familiar with. šŸ˜€

I learned that the best place to buy cacao in Bohol is in Tagbilaran City. However, most of these orginally comes from Mindanao.

But despite the fact that only a few of them are grown in Bohol, sikwate is one of the most popular traditional drinks in the province.

Sikwate is sweet and rich, with a hint of bitterness. And in my opinion, the best companion when eating ladyfingers or broas. Specially if it’s freshly-baked.

I tell you, milk and Oreo cookies are no match for sikwate and broas.

Special thanks goes out to Osang’s Homemade Pastries for letting me and my friends see how they make their delicious broas. And also to Amorita Resort for taking us through this experience.

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  1. love2type

    i didn’t know that broas is one of bohol’s delicacy. No wonder when I ordered mango float in alona, panglao once, it was served with broas instead of graham..

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