Fresh Buko Juice in UP Diliman

By | April 2, 2011


One thing I miss as a student in UP Diliman is eating fishball and isaw with classmates inside the campus. Yesterday, I was able to reminisce those times, with some of my blogger friends.

And whenever I eat at these stalls, my choice of beverage has always been fresh buko juice.

You can find them almost everywhere inside UP Diliman, just outside college buildings, but specially near dormitories. These isawan areas typically look like this:

Isaw lovers typically flock these places during early afternoons, so always go with friends so you have people to chat with while waiting for your turn.

If you don’t eat isaw, then you can just have the fish ball, squid ball, tukneneng or the many other street food being offered there.

These stalls are regulated by a University cooperative so you know they’re clean and safe to eat.

And in my opinion, the best way to wash down all these food down is… I know you know it – fresh buko juice!

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4 thoughts on “Fresh Buko Juice in UP Diliman

  1. Micamyx

    I love my Isaw pic! Hehe 😛

    Kuya, may pinuntahan kami after the yakimix dinner tapos panalo yung milk shake. Sabi ko sa Nyoks sana nandito pa sina Kuya Fitz para i-blog nya ‘to sa Thirsty Blogger hihi

  2. kagbalete

    somethings never change… i graduated from UP in ’82 and even then isaw was a campus favorite….. i preferred balut though….

  3. Fitz Post author

    Yes Christian, I’m selling those shirts during blog events but I’m also putting up the online store for it. I’ll inform you when it’s already up and running. Thanks!

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