FX Hotel in Taipei

By | January 2, 2013


Before I tell you my thirsty travel adventures in Taipei, let me first give you a glimpse of where we stayed during our tour.

And that is in FX Hotel Taipei located along Nanjing East Road Branch, within the Zhongshan neighborhood.


Anyway, FX Hotel is a 4-star hotel, which I think mostly caters to business travelers in Taipei. And if I were to describe it in one word, I’d go for… fashionable.


I don’t think FX stands for anything, but if it were, the letter F would definitely be for “Fashion”. According to the staff, the hotel design tries to incorporate global fashion trends with the Chinese culture to create a unique ambiance of Asian glamor.


Here’s a look inside our room. I love the red couch, very cozy! And I’d like to commend the pillows, which were very comfortable – not too soft, not too hard, but just right – I say this because I easily get a stiff neck in the morning when I sleep with “bad” pillows.


Below is a peak inside our bathroom where I spent almost 30-minutes every night just enjoying a hot shower and washing off Taipei’s winter coldness.

Anyway, I think me and my roommate were assigned to a “couples room” (despite having two single beds) because one side of the shower cubicle is a glass pane covered only by a curtain from the rest of the room. Plus there’s no lock on the door.


If there’s one thing I’d remember best from FX Hotel. I think it would be their elevator, because it’s the first time I ever rode one with a television installation on the ceiling. And true to it’s ambiance, they’re showing FTV.


As a blogger, I enjoyed my stay in FX Hotel because there’s free high-speed internet access inside the room (and even in the bathroom). And the staff are all courteous and attentive to the guests.


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