Gilbey’s Premium Strength with Green Tea Extract

By | September 27, 2010


It’s time for another alcopop feature and for today, the limelight goes to Gilbey’s Premium Strength with Green Tea Extract.

I was able to first try this one early this year and all I can remember now is that this tastes like light beer with gin. So if you like beer-gins, then you should try this one. 😛

Seriously, this one tastes sweet and a bit citrusy. According to the label, it’s made with Gilbey’s Gin and natural green tea extracts, citrus and ginger flavors.

I don’t know if you can derive any health benefits from tea in this drink but I doubt it. Although having some alcohol in moderate volumes can do a little good for your body I believe.

Anyway, I guess this ends my feature on Gilbey’s Premium Strength and if you’re a fan of alcopops like Tanduay Ice or Vodka Cruiser, then this one’s a definite must try.

5 thoughts on “Gilbey’s Premium Strength with Green Tea Extract

  1. Smarla

    My friends either really love it or really hate GPS. I’m just in between, it’s definitely different 🙂

  2. Jhay

    Never had one before. And I don’t think I’d give it a try any time soon.

    Is it just me or everything else is saying it has “green tea extracts”? I wonder what’s next?

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