Great Drinks For Cold And Rainy Weather

By | July 16, 2009


As I’m writing this blog post, rains are heavily pouring outside. It’s cold and almost quiet here at home, with only the sound of raindrops on the roof calling me for an afternoon nap.

I don’t want to sleep though, as I have some work to do. That’s why a few minutes ago, I made myself a hot mug of mocha latte to warm me up.


And now that I’m done with my tasks, and simply reading my favorite blogs. I thought I’d write something about the rain here.

So here’s my own list of great drinks to have during cold or rainy weather. This is just based from personal preference so feel free to add your comments, suggestions and reactions below. 😀

  • Hot chocolate! (then snuggle in bed with a good book)
  • Coffee (if you need to work)
  • Hot tea (another obvious choice for the list)
  • Warm milk (in case you’re not lactose intolerant)

Okay, this drink list isn’t at all amazing, I know. Well, they’re just the basics. So make your drink more interesting by having some variants like what I just had – a mocha latte.

Sounds fancy? Well, not really.

I just combined a teaspoon of instant coffee, a tablespoon of powdered milk, a tablespoon of instant chocolate powder (read: Milo) and a tablespoon of sugar inside a mug and slowly poured in hot water while stirring constantly.

And voila! Instant homemade mocha latte that’s perfect for the rainy days.

Image Credit: bitzcelt

3 thoughts on “Great Drinks For Cold And Rainy Weather

  1. arbee

    This list is not bad. I drink them too. Well, not the the mocha latte though. But that seems yum-yum.

    Nice blog.

  2. Fitz Post author

    Thanks Arbee! And yeah, try the mocha latte. 😀

  3. Jasmine Turner

    the weather these days is hotter than the previous decades, i guess it is the effect of global warming–“

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