Hot Brews With White Forest Cake by Red Ribbon

By | September 21, 2009


Red Ribbon is now more than just a place to buy and eat delicious cakes and pastries. Because recently, they’ve launched a new line of beverages.

It’s called the New Red Ribbon Hot Brews and features four freshly brewed 100% premium Arabica coffee blends and two tea varieties.


I was able to try the Latte (photo above) and I must say that it’s very good. Other than this, you can also choose the Americano, Cappuccino and the Cafe Mocha.

For the teas, they have the Earl Grey Green Tea and the Four Red Fruits Tea. I’m curious about the Four Red Fruits Tea so I’m hoping to try that soon.

Hot Brews

And as the poster above says, the Red Ribbon Hot Brews is perfectly blended to go with your cake or pastry. And to that, I agree. My Latte was a great companion for the new White Forest cake of Red Ribbon.


The White Forest cake is Red Ribbon’s latest product which used the original Black Forest as its inspiration. A yummy combination of creamy white chocolate, white chiffon cake layered between real cherry bits filling.

Diabetics and people on a diet… you’ve been warned: this cake is decadent!

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