Hotel Resort in Cebu: Be Resorts

By | August 26, 2010


I was in Cebu a couple of weeks ago and I stayed in Be Resorts – a hotel resort in Lapu Lapu City, Mactan. I had a good number of “thirsty” adventures there in Cebu but for now, let me just show you where I stayed.

I was blessed with very good weather during my stay in Cebu and as you can see, the view of the beach front of the hotel looks amazing and truly inviting.

One funny thing I thought to myself while at Be Resorts – I felt I was in another country, because almost all the guests there were Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and Caucasians.

That’s another angle of the beach front, which is the view from the hotel lobby and dining area. I could stay there all day just sitting and enjoying the cool sea breeze.

I was able to meet Hotel Manager, Miss Andrea Lugue during my stay there and she told me that the owners of Be Resorts are also in the furniture business – that explains the eccentric and interesting interiors of the place.

But above anything else, the best thing I loved about Be Resorts is their bed because they use only chiropractic-approved mattress and pillows which gave me a really comfortable sleep.

Sorry I have no photos of the bed, I was too busy sleeping in it. Haha. But you can check out the posts of my roommates – Eric and Don if you want to see more photos of Be Resorts and a sample of the food they serve there.

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