How To Make Eggnog

By | December 24, 2009


It’s Christmas and although it’s not a tradition in the Philippines, I’m planning to make some Eggnog later.

For those interested to know how to make Eggnog, here’s a nifty video tutorial. Happy holidays!

Eggnog Recipe Video Tutorial

Image credit: House of Sims

4 thoughts on “How To Make Eggnog

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  2. MrsLavendula

    funny, i tried to make eggnog a couple of years ago and ended up with a very strong rum flavored drink.
    just last month i was lucky enough to find eggnog in the grocery and got myself a carton. it was delicious =)
    ill have to muster up enough courage to make it again from scratch!

  3. anitamassage

    We drink eggnog (non-alcoholic) every year for Christmas. Of course, it is store bought. My family loves to keep the Italian traditions of the holidays but I am thinking of making eggnog as my new tradition! I love the stuff and always wished to have it available year round. Thanks to this video, I’ll be able to! I wonder if almond milk can be substituted for the cow’s milk? If not, I’d have to buy raw organic goat’s milk — trying to stay away from dairy for the new year! Thanks for the vid!!

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