How To Make Ice Scramble | Pinoy Ice Scramble Recipe

By | November 25, 2010


Go to the mall today and one of the most popular stalls you’ll see is the Pinoy Ice Scramble franchise stores. Which got me thinking, how do you make ice scramble exactly?

I only remember drinking this when I was a kid but never bothered to learn the ice scramble recipe. So I searched for an ice scramble store who’s generous enough to share their recipe.

As expected, none of the ice scramble stores inside the malls wanted to give out their recipe. But this kid entrepreneur who was selling ice scramble was kind enough to share his recipe.

Classic Pinoy Ice Scramble Recipe:
Combine sugar, evaporated milk, artificial banana flavoring and pink food coloring. Vary proportions according to preferred taste and color. Pour mixture over crushed ice and mix.

And that’s it! Your ice scramble base – fast, easy and something you can do at home. But of course, this ice scramble wouldn’t be complete without your favorite toppings. For me, it’s powdered milk…

… and chocolate syrup.

Now you know how to make the classic Pinoy snack, Ice Scramble. Cheers!

29 thoughts on “How To Make Ice Scramble | Pinoy Ice Scramble Recipe

  1. Darqueangel

    Piso lang ang presyo ng ice scramble way back early 90’s. Ngayon halos umabot na ng 20 pesos dahil sa new container at toppings. Ganun pa rin naman ang lasa… πŸ™‚

  2. Darqueangel

    may naalala pa ako.. ang pinagkaiba ng scramble sa nuon sa ngayon.. may guyabano na kasama tyaka ang toppings nuon munggo. mas healthy.. anti cancer ang guyabano. hehehe πŸ™‚

  3. rodsanc

    Can you tell us a more specific proportion to achieve a more common desired taste? Why do we need to pour in a banana flavoring? Is that standard? What kind of coloring are we gonna use? something that is safe, of course. Thank you.

  4. joe

    I wanna know the powdered milk. It’s not naman Nido, medyo coffeemate yung texture. You know the candy milk powder na de-straw sold at our neighborhood sari-sari in our yesteryears, parang ganun lasa. San kaya mabibili yun?

  5. gem

    Can you tell us a more specific proportion to achieve a more common desired taste? Why do we need to pour in a banana flavoring? Is that standard? What kind of coloring are we gonna use? something that is safe, of course. Thank you.what milk will gonna use

  6. Fitz Post author

    To those asking for the specific proportions, I’d say just use your better judgment for there really is no exact way to do it.

    And also, I’ve now noticed that in some baking supplies shops, they now have ready-made ice scramble powder mix there. So you can also check those out if you want to make your own ice scramble at home.

    Cheers. πŸ˜€

  7. learn

    thaks for the info now we can enjoy the classical famous ice scrambles..

    There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking.
    your certainly the thirsty blogger.

    God Bless.

  8. mennen

    fritz thanks sa recipe …nalaman ko na I dont need to spend my hard earned 20 pesos/kid x 4kids…e sa amount na ito buong compound pwede na e libre…sa b-day ng bulilit ko…salamat talaga…

  9. mennen

    ..patulong naman…paano gumawa ng chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup na ginagamit nila…salamat ng marami…

  10. 713705

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe up!I’ll definitely try making some and let my friends try it out. I’ve been craving for this and makes me miss the streets of Manila. Wishing they have this in every corner + isaw stands here in LA πŸ™

  11. con

    ung chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup are available sa divisoria, andun din lahat makikita ung ready made mix na scramble..and toppings andun lahat..

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  13. julienne s. lee

    naalala ko yesterday bumili ako ng ice scramble ang sarap!kaso ang bili ko ten pesos tapos daya ng tindero tapos ang toppings powdered milk at chocolate syrup ang daya ng canteen namin buwisit talaga ng canteen namin sobrang swapang tlga.

  14. julienne s. lee

    pero ang toppings tlga pinipig crunch,sprinkles,powdered milk,chocolate syrup,small marshmallows,and choco crunch that’s yummy!

  15. seth

    nung una plang na sumisikat ang ice scramble naisip ko na na papatok to kasi all time favorite tlaga…then I tried researching for a recipe pero isang site plang ata ang meron base on that recipe na nakuha ko, nag experiment ako and made my own version of scramble…I even sold some in front of our house in Pasig and naging patok naman…btw, watched your talk via live srteaming..congrats! ang galing and madami akong natutunan…:-)

  16. arces

    hi guys! if you want to have your own scramble business, we will teach you how to make the traditional way and the commercial way of making a very yummy scramble..
    [email protected]

  17. jet

    pwede ba khit vanilla flavor? ksi wla ako mktang banana e πŸ™ and pde rin ba sa blender ko imix lht? wala ako mkta skim milk dto sa states :<

  18. jong

    saan kaya po banda sa divisoria makikita ang mga premixes?

  19. ice ice baby

    Yung banana flavor actually yung nagbibigay ng unique na “bubble gum” taste sa ice scramble. Kung wala yun, hindi na siya ice scramble. Try putting one drop of banana flavor sa ice shaving ng halo-halo, instantly lasang ice scramble yung halo-halo niyo.

    I haven’t tried vanilla flavor. Pero ingat lang kasi kung sumobra maglalasang gamot na yan.

  20. Femie

    sa MD Santos St., Binondo andun lahat ng hinahanap nyo for ice scramble …..

  21. jethro martino

    BWHAHAHAHAH!!! napag hahalata sino sino na yung matatanda! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! haw flakes, hawhaw, lala, stay fresh, chocnut, flat tops! mobi, richie, peewee! HAHAHAHAH!!! ICE SCRAMBLE! HAHAHHAAHAHAHAH!!! wwwooohhh!!!

  22. lor

    powdered milk or skimm milk gamit nila or nonfat dry milk made in usa mabibili sa manila 150/kl. :)…ahhh to jet .. sa states walang skimm milk?? dun nga galeng eh… power !!! πŸ˜€

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