Iced Tea by Wendy’s

By | May 22, 2009


I usually go to Wendy’s not because of their hamburgers, but more often than not, it’s because I’m craving for their special iced tea.

It’s really one of those things that make this fast food chain unique. Who hasn’t enjoyed drinking their pulpy and refreshing lemon iced tea?


Just like Tokyo Tokyo’s Red Iced Tea, this drink has become a trademark for Wendy’s. Just one sip and you know it’s from them, a flavor you cannot taste anywhere else.

And a few years back, Wendy’s started service Iced Tea Lite. It’s the same iced tea flavor without the sugar – which means a guilt free, zero calorie beverage of pure awesomeness.


And for me, there’s only the Biggie size to quench my thirst. Cheers!

16 thoughts on “Iced Tea by Wendy’s

  1. Azrael

    i just remembered the double ice tea of wendys priced at P15 only during the mid 90s hehehee

    and wendys ice tea is my first ice tea in my life

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  2. DAX

    especially after work out! sarap ng BIGGIE ICED TEA LITE!! plus the Boom #3!

  3. NG

    Yey it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one craving for Biggie Wendy’s Iced Tea!

  4. Fitz Post author

    Yeah, naaalala ko yun! Haha.

    Yes, sarap mag-dehydrate with the iced tea after gym. 😀

    Haha! It’s really hard to resist whenever I pass by any Wendy’s store.

    Seriously? Hindi mo pa natitikman ‘yan? Ay! Dali, punta ka na Wendy’s!

  5. Bryan Karl

    Wendy’s! My first Wendy’s experience was in Manila two weeks ago. I don’t think Wendy’s is here in Cebu. I also had iced tea then! Though not large.

  6. Fitz Post author

    @Bryan Karl
    Wala palang Wendy’s sa Cebu. Wah! So dapat uminom ka ng Wendy’s Iced Tea lagi kapag nasa Manila ka. 😛

    Talaga?! Ako, one of my favorites lang. 😀

    Haven’t tried drinking it not cold. I guess it will taste weird otherwise.

  7. Mae

    “The best Iced Tea in the land!” I love it! Super favorite ko!

  8. Roch

    Hey Fitz!

    Nice meeting you last saturday. I do share the same sentiments for Wendy’s Iced Tea, I love it!


  9. kyle

    My local Wendy’s quit offering the Iced Tea! It was my main reason for going there. Anyone know where to buy it or something similar online?

  10. Alain

    Wendy’s Iced Tea has Calamansi in it. that makes their iced tea so delicious. =D

  11. jefferson

    iced tea lite or sugar free iced tea has also contain sweetener which was called aspartame.

  12. Bryan

    do you know any powdered iced tea drink that taste like wendy’s iced tea???

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