Innovations: A Few Products That are Changing the Way We Drink Coffee

By | April 7, 2011


Since there is human interest behind it, there seems to be limitless possibility for change and innovation. Consider the evolution of a simple pastimes in history, coffee.

This is a beverage people have consumed for a long time, and many consumers have a particular soft spot for this drink, since it’s equated with ideas of home and mornings. Where there is interest, there is innovation. Here are some really cool ways that the coffee industry in continuing to reinvent the wheel and bring us our favorite beverage.

Not everyone wants to down a pot of coffee before their lunchtime break, and if you live or work alone, single serving coffee makers are the perfect way for someone to get their morning brew without being wasteful or wired.

Rare Device is a company that made the product, Coffee For One. It’s a ceramic 14oz mug with a stainless steel piece inside for brewing coffee. These are becoming popular around the office as a cheap and affordable way to enjoy your morning coffee without having to waste an entire pot or buy an expensive cup at a coffee chain.

The Aerobie Aero Press is an innovation in coffee brewing. It allows people to brew the perfect cup of coffee with very low acidity. The coffee grounds are completely submerged in water and then filtered. The whole process only takes 30 seconds, which helps the coffee from getting bitter.

It uses low temperature water, which keeps the coffee from becoming acidic, and is very easy to clean. It’s designed for consumers with sensitive stomach linings, and acid reflux issues. It costs an average price of 25 dollars.

Another interesting innovation is coffee related. As smoking bans are passed through legislation across the country, eventually smoking won’t be allowed in any state in public places. The coupling of coffee and cigarettes is a century old pastime, but the industry is taking the cue.

Many smokeless alternatives to cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular to offset bans. Electronic cigarettes are a smokeless way for people to smoke in public, without the smell, or as many adverse affects to health. They’re still not a healthy option, since many of them contain nicotine, but they are an alternative.

These are just a few of the cool and interesting products on the market. You’ll be amazed at how people are continuously thinking of different ways to drink the most basic beverage and make it better. If you or someone you know loves to have their daily fix of coffee, then one of these products might be the perfect gift idea.

This is a guest post submitted by coffee lover, Trisha Howard.

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