Interesting Facts About Dehydration

By | April 27, 2011


Everyone I know seems to be complaining now of the summer heat. While we can’t really control the weather, we can definitely control how it affects us.

The hot weather and being under the sun means you’re losing water fast. So be sure to drink plenty of water regularly. Below are some interesting facts and trivia about dehydration.

Did you know that when you lose 2% of your body’s ideal water content, you’re already considered dehydrated? Depending on your age and weight, that’s around half a liter.

And that is why doctors day that you must drink water even when you’re not feeling thirsty. In fact, some say that when you feel thirsty, then you’re already dehydrated!

And don’t drink alcohol and caffeine when you’re thirsty, because they don’t actually help with the dehydration. You can chug down those sports drinks but many doctors believe that water is still the best for hydration.

If you don’t like drinking plain water, then add some mint leaves or a slice of lemon or lime to add a hint of flavor. Just be creative. šŸ˜€

And get this… drinking ice cold water helps you lose weight because the body needs to bring the water temperature down inside and that burns fat calories. Just don’t overdo this or you might get stomach cramps.

Speaking of weight loss, did you know that water is the best appetite suppressant? Drink a glass or two before eating and you’ll feel full before you could finish even half of that steak.

Moreover, when you’re feeling hungry, try drinking a glass of water first. Sometimes, we misinterpret thirst for hunger. So drink up first before eating down.

Anyway, back to dehydration. People with normal body weight need 8 glasses of water every day (you already know this). But if you’re overweight, you need to drink an extra glass more for every 25 pounds excess weight you have (now that’s something you don’t know).

And that amount goes higher when you consume alcohol. It is recommended that you drink four times as much water as alcohol to help you get sober sooner. Don’t drink coffee, it will just make you a wide awake drunk.

What happens when you’re dehydrated? You’re ability to concentrate and think slows down, your blood becomes thicker which stresses the heart, your muscles will cramp and many other unwanted stuff. Oh, and you can also die.

The key here actually is to drink a glass of water all throughout the day. Don’t drink gallons in just one sitting or you could well, also die… seriously – go ahead and Google “water intoxication“.

I hope you found this article a worthy read. Sorry I wasn’t able to list down all the sources of the information above, but most of them came from Wikipedia articles.

That’s it! Remember to always stay hydrated! Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Interesting Facts About Dehydration

  1. Mi

    Wow~ I didn’t know that thing about drinking ice cold water to help lose weight. I will only drink ice cold water from now on. Thanks for these tips!

  2. Laurence

    Great post specially now that it is really hot outside.

    I always make it a habit to drink water even when i’m not thirsty. Aside from water Gatorade is my beverage of choice for dehydration caused by alcoholic beverages. It quenches thirst while replenishing the body of its electrolytes. Best cure for hangovers. šŸ™‚

  3. Semidoppel

    Yeah it’s ture, water is the best appetite suppressant, that’s what I do when I am on a diet.

    OT: Sir I’m in Blog and Soul yesterday, I didn’t manage to talk to you personally, I’m a bit shy and I just want to thank you about what you shared.

  4. Fitz Post author

    Hi JAM, I’m glad you liked what I shared at Blog and Soul. I hope to meet you personally next time. šŸ˜€

  5. Semidoppel

    I just tried today what you said that we bloggers should try to make the first move to contact a company or a brand, I hope I’ll get a positive feedback from them, I started to ask two stores from Megamall, I wish they would agree on the proposal I made.

  6. gizmundo

    There is no basis that drinking cold water helps you loose weight. The only difference with cold drinking water and a warm water is that cold water is easily/readily absorbed by your tissue/cells. The weight loss effect is due to water as an appetite suppressor, if you drink as much as 8 glasses a day.

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