Joy Black Gulaman

By | June 25, 2009


As a kid, I always remember drinking home made gulaman during merienda. And up until now, I still have those occasional cravings for the drink whenever I snack.

Now that my mom rarely makes her home made gulaman anymore, I get my usual dose of the beverage in food carts and Filipino cuisine restaurants. And then I discovered a ready to drink product called Joy Black Gulaman.


I was at The Sandwich Guy in McKinley Hill several months ago when I first saw this product. On display, I though this was a bottle of soy sauce. (Won’t you agree?)

But upon closer inspection, I discovered that it’s actually a drink. And a lot of customers are actually buying it. I did not have second thoughts of trying this and was glad that I did.

The taste is sweet and refreshing – just like how my Mom used to make it. And although Joy Black Gulaman looks like a Chinese product, I can say that its taste is truly Pinoy.

12 thoughts on “Joy Black Gulaman

  1. rors

    it’s my favorite! It’s sold side by side the sports drinks in badminton courts around.

  2. mshopeful

    hi, would like to taste that too, i could not find it here in Iloilo, is it imported or locally made, do you have contact details for the manufacturer, am interested in reselling it

  3. Fitz Post author

    Really? I didn’t expect that it would be sold in badminton courts. Wow.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get those details. I’ll go and check next time. 😀

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  7. francis albert m

    where can i buy this joy black gulaman?

  8. arthur

    got mine at 7-11. too sweet. i diluted it with a little water.

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  10. MARIE

    Joy Black Gulaman is available at 7/11 and much cheaper than The Sandwich Guy. At 7/11 it’s only 20 pesos, while 30 pesos in Sandwich Guy. (Not sure if it is available in all 7/11 stores) It’s also my favorite!

  11. Chico Gimenez

    This thing gave us a stomach virus. No wonder the bottle looks cheap and repacked. Drink it at your own risk!

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