Kanin Club: Bottomless Iced Tea and More

By | July 17, 2009


I go to the gym so I won’t feel guilty eating a lot. And just a few steps outside Fitness First, Westgate Center Alabang, a feast always awaits at Kanin Club.

Me and my gym buddies went there one night to get back the calories we just burned and here’s what I had that night.


Whenever I get hold of a restaurant menu, the first thing I look for is their drink list. And here’s a snapshot of what they offer.


The drink menu is your typical array of beverages. And since I’m still parched from my workout, it was an easy choice for me – give me a bottomless lemon iced tea!


Their iced tea is a house blend, which is always nice. I usually find instant iced tea too sweet. I think I was able to down three glasses before our food was served. And here’s what I ordered:

Bistek Pinoy


Sigarilyas Express


Short to say, I loved the food. The Bistek Pinoy was tender and delicious. Meanwhile, the Sigarilyas Express was also very tasty. Nom, nom, nom!

Lastly, here’s a shot of me after finishing all that food (together with 3 cups of rice!). Happy and satisfied!



4 thoughts on “Kanin Club: Bottomless Iced Tea and More

  1. Keyboard

    Wow, now I am starving! Should I happen to drop by the area, I would surely look for the Kanin Club. Perhaps Fit n Right will also be a good partner in this sumptuous meal.

  2. Rina / Potpot

    I’ve been meaning to dine at Kanin Club here at Techno Hub sa may Philcoa. Kaya lang, di pa bukas. Ayan, another reason to be excited!

  3. Fitz Post author

    Yeah, the food is really great there in Kanin Club! Must try. 😀

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