Kape Manila at NAIA Terminal 3

By | December 22, 2010


If ever you find yourself at NAIA Terminal 3, there’s a cafe inside that I would definitely recommend. A homegrown coffee shop called Kape Manila.

The place is quite homey and definitely a good place to hang out while waiting for your flight to board.

It was my first time there and as customary, I ordered the “ice-blended mocha” – a drink that almost all coffee shops have. In Kape Manila, they call it the Mocha Frizzino.

I ordered a “Tangkad” – or the tall size I believe, if you know Starbucks. Say “Kyut” and you’ll have the short size while “Damulag” is their grande. Reading those in the menu really put a smile on my face.

I was really tempted to try their unique flavors for the Frizzino like the Choc-Nut, Frozen Bliss or Cream-O-ffee. Maybe next time “if” I liked their Mocha Frizzino.

As I ordered, the barista asked me if I’d want to have a sansrival with my drink, he says it’s one of their best sellers. Too bad I was not hungry, and just thirsty… well, perhaps next time.

And if you judge the photo above, you’d say that I did enjoy my drink. That’s actually quite true. The Mocha Frizzino was smooth and tasty without being too sweet. I liked its chocolately flavor that finishes with the taste of espresso in the mouth.

That’s why the next time I’m in Terminal 3, I’ll make sure I’m there early enough to try Kape Manila again.

And for those who don’t really travel – don’t fret because you can always visit their original branch along Jesus St. in Pandacan, Manila. šŸ˜€

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  1. H.I

    Awww~ My sister owns “Kape Manila”..
    It makes me happy and proud to see customers very satisfied and more than happy to return.

    Thank you. šŸ˜€

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