Lipton Milk Tea

By | September 11, 2009


While in the grocery today, I saw a box of Lipton Milk Tea. I remember drinking this everyday almost a year ago, before I grew tired of its taste, which eventually made me stop buying it.

But my craving for milk tea is coming back, which started again when I made my own Starbucks Tea Latte a few weeks ago. That’s why I did not hesitate bringing a box of Lipton Milk Tea with me to the cashier.


How does Lipton Milk Tea taste? Well, it’s a fusion of milk and black tea – sweet and creamy. No need to add sugar (or honey). Just pop a sachet to a mugful of hot water and it’s ready to drink.


So if you’re tired of drinking coffee, then maybe you could try having milk tea and I suggest you go try Lipton’s – it’s the only instant milk tea drink I know. If ever I find another brand, I’ll surely try it and compare which one I like better.

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  2. Jasmik Baez

    Where did you find it?? I have been trying to get some Lipton Milk Tea , but I can’t find any πŸ™

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