Merlion Slush Fish Quencer at Fish & Co.

By | August 4, 2009


The Fish & Co. branch in Alabang Town Center opened early this year and it immediately became one of my must-try places to eat. I’ve tried their food before in Makati and I know it’s really good there.

It’s quite expensive to dine in Fish & Co. that’s why it took me a few weeks before I could finally have a taste again of their “seafood in a pan”. And this time, I also tried their “fish quenchers”.


They offer a lot of beverages in their drink menu. Aside from the usual fare of fruit juices, coffee, tea and soda. They have what they call their Home Creations which is basically fruit shake fushion drinks. I ordered the Merlion Slush.


The Merlion Slush is basically a fruit shake fushion of grapes and pineapples. I found it unique, refreshing and a good match for the fish I ordered. It actually felt like “drinking wine” because of the grapes.

If you’re looking for some real spirit, Fish & Co. also offers wine and alcoholic cocktails. But for me, I’m fine with my Merlion Slush, truly a fish quencher. 😀


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