Mindoro Sling Recipe

By | May 13, 2009


Going to Puerto Galera is not complete without tasting the Mindoro Sling. I already told my Puerta Galera adventure last Holy Week over at Patay Gutom that’s why I won’t say it anymore here.

However, what I’m going to give you now are the several Mindoro Sling recipes as given to me by my friends. If you have your own Mindoro Sling concoction, do share them below. Thanks.


Version 1:
1 lapad of Tanduay rhum
1 can of Gina’s Mango Nectar juice
1-1/2 jigger of Sunny Orange syrup
1-1/2 jigger calamansi concentrate
1 jigger Grenadine
1 can Sprite

Version 2:
1 big can of Dole Four Seasons Juice
1 bottle of Ginebra GSM

Version 3:
1 bottle of vodka
1/2 cup of triple sec
1 big can of pineapple-orange juice
1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice.
1 jigger Grenadine

Just mix everything and add lots of ice and top with fresh apple and orange slices. Drink moderately.



7 thoughts on “Mindoro Sling Recipe

  1. krys

    hi. Id like to ask if the recipes mentioned above are measurements for a pitcher or a glass? Thanx

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  4. Ledski

    Version 2:
    1 big can of Dole Four Seasons Juice
    1 bottle of Ginebra GSM

    Sir, Gaano kalaki po un Ginebra? bilog po ba or un quatro kantos? tnx sir! Timpla ko po sana sa new year eh!

  5. ERINjeager

    Hi. i was looking for Mindoro sling because im just trying it now. curious on how its made. ordered on-line from Delicafe. then i found this site. i remember you in high school. you’re still cool. Take care and God bless! – Kristine

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