Much Ado About The KFC Gravy

By | July 30, 2009


I love eating fried chicken. And in my humble opinion, one of the things that make fried chicken delectable is the gravy.

And when it comes to gravies, my favorite is the gravy from KFC.


I love KFC gravy so much that I actually drink it.

Yeah, I know, it’s not the best thing to do if you’re trying to lose weight.

Did you know that 1 ounce of KFC gravy has about 39 calories and 2.5 grams of fat? (Source) Which makes this cup of KFC gravy a nightmare for weight watchers.


But who cares? I still love drinking the gravy from KFC.

How about you? Do you drink gravy too? If yes, which one do you like best? πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “Much Ado About The KFC Gravy

  1. CJ

    i love kfc!!!
    gravy + bucket of fries = heaven

  2. Frances Ivy

    drink gravy? Wow! That’s new. Almost lotsa people I know make gravy as their rice topping or sabaw with rice.

    As for me naman, I really don’t like gravy. I take my fried chix with sweet & sour OR chili sauce…

    Funny but my sis-in-law and I were just chatting about gravy kanina. I bought kasi a bucket of chicken and had it for breakfast. πŸ™‚

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