My Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Experience

By | May 21, 2009


As far as I know, the whole L-Carnatine craze in the country started when Del Monte Fit ‘n Right was introduced in the market a few years ago.

And with new drinks containing the so-called weight loss ingredient coming out left and right, I decided to share a little bit of my own experience with Del Monte Fit ‘n Right.


Three years ago, I enrolled myself at Fitness First. I’ve always wanted to lose weight and I thought it’s really time for me to be proactive about it. I was 220 pounds then.

A few months after, the gym held a “Biggest Loser” challenge for the members and the sponsor was, you guessed it, Del Monte Fit ‘n Right.

I really had no plans of joining but when I heard that all participants would get a dozen cans of the new beverage for free, I immediately signed up. Sorry, I’m have an affinity for anything free. 😛

For the best possible results, it’s recommended that one should drink Del Monte Fit ‘n Right three times a day. So my 12 cans would only last 4 days. Hmmm… would I see results? I wonder.


So for the next four days, I drank my supply of L-Carnatine. Along with it, I spent at least an hour of running and cycling at the gym.

What happened at the end of four days? Well, I actually lost 3 pounds. Not bad, I said. All I need is to keep this up and I’ll be in my ideal weight of 160 pounds in around 3 months.

But then my friends said that my weight loss could have been because of the exercise and not because of the L-Carnatine. Good point, I realized.

So for the next four days, I did the same cardio routine. Ate the same way as I did before. And went on without Fit ‘n Right.

How much did I lose after that? A measly 1 pound.

And my initial reaction was, “Woah! Fit ‘n Right works!”

But does it really?

I don’t know. Part of me says yes, but another part of me says no.

In any case, I still drink Del Monte Fit ‘n Right. Not regularly though, but only when I feel like it.

And after three years of regularly going to the gym, I’m still 20 pounds away from my ideal weight. Not that I’m complaining though. I like losing weight slowly but surely. (No stretchmarks 😛 )

What about you? What are your thoughts about L-Carnatine and Del Monte Fit ‘n Right?

17 thoughts on “My Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Experience

  1. edelweiza

    hi fitz, you have a new blog pala. sushal. i tried fit n’ right before but now i’m a fab drinker. and believer. i dunno but i like the taste of the latter better than the former’s. so far, i’ve lost some pounds na rin naman which makes me believe it’s effective.

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  4. Sheryl Decano

    Hi. May i know the pricing strategy ofdel monte corporation with regards to their product fit ‘n right. What is ur degree of advertisement? I mean how ur advertisement of fit ‘n right affect your company sales. What is your degree of competition among other competitor,let’s say what is your edge to c2 and other juice drinks? What is the output determination of your firm. I mean how many bottles of fit ‘n right you are making each day,are there excess to your daily quota,how your company handle the excess?What is your market structure? Pls do e-mail the answer on my account. I desperately need it. It will serve as my final exam. Thank you very much. As much as possible,can you answer me as soon as monday. Thank you very much.

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  6. natsumi

    since then whenever i feel fat i always drink Del Monte fit n right in the morning, and i really felt my fats burning because of the sweat coming out of my body that i never experience before..ahah
    i love it and now i couldn’t help drinking it…
    thank u del monte!!!
    God bless you

  7. Vilma

    i’am drinking this product,.but now i’am pregnant is this safe?

  8. Christie P.

    Cut the whole chase and just buy l-carnitine at gnc take 1 gram a day on empty stomach.. Continue with ur exercise regimen and add strength training..with in weeks lbs wud just melt away.

  9. I.B.

    Its been 4 months since I was drinking fit n right 3 times daily and no matter how hectic my schedule is and I hardly get enough sleep I am not getting sick because of the Vitamin C its giving. For the weight loss part… I lose 9 Kilos so far… Can you believe it? Of course I had my part of a little exercise…

  10. Sarah

    I am so depressed. How to deal with this when I am thin but my stomach is having such belly fat? It’s like I want ONLY my belly fat to be removed.Pls rep for any help

  11. Fitz Post author

    Hi Sarah. According to my fitness trainer, you need to do core strengthening, along with cardio exercises and light weight training. The first one will improve your ab muscles, while the latter will help in burning those belly fat. 😀

  12. bivz

    what is the best time to drink Del Monte fit n right?

  13. carmine Prinzo

    I first drank this in the Philippines, but can not find any stores in New York that sell Fit n Right. Can anyone advise me where i can purchase it.

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