My Mirinda En Route To Marinduque

By | April 9, 2010


This post marks the beginning of a series of Marinduque articles where I spent my Holy Week this year. And let me start by showing you some paparazzi shots from the Port of Lucena in the province of Quezon.

We arrived there around 2:00 AM, Maundy Thursday and as expected, hundreds of people are already there waiting for their boats.

Yes, we got there 2:00 AM and here’s a shot of the line for the boat ticket by 8:00 AM – we’ve been in line for 6 hours.

We got our tickets around 9:00 AM, and it’s for the 12 noon trip. So we have another 3 hours to waste at the port.

So what else would you do? Me, I bought some Mirinda, made myself comfortable and waited for our boat to arrive. No use being all stressed out, it’s the holidays… so what do you expect?

So that’s me and my Mirinda Orange – something I haven’t had in a long time. Brings back a lot of elementary school memories for me.

In fairness to the Port of Lucena, almost all of the people there says that this chaos only happens during Holy Week season.

So if you’re going to Marinduque during any other day than Lent, then expect to have a smooth sailing time at the port.

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  1. Fitz Post author

    Yes, meron pa apparently. Most of the drinks that “disappeared” in Manila are actually in the provinces.

    Did you know that Coke Zero is nowhere to be found in Marinduque? We looked everywhere and some stores don’t even know what Coke Zero is.

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