NesVita Cereal Milk Drink: Choco Malt Flavor

By | February 16, 2010


I passed on drinking coffee for breakfast the other morning to try the NesVita Cereal Milk drink which my mother bought from the grocery the other day.

I’m a chocolate lover and seeing the Choco Malt flavor was enough to convince me to give NesVita a chance.

NesVita Cereal Milk drink boasts of having both calcium and fiber – making it a good alternative for the traditional milk and cereal (or cornflakes) breakfast.

It’s also packed with Vitamins A, C and B complex, as well as Iron (according to the label).

So how was it for me?

Well, not quite the “chocolate drink” I expected. The Choco Malt flavor was weak for my sweet preference, that’s why I ended up adding some sugar.

Also, the drinking experience was just okay – with the “cereals” flowing almost unnoticeably with every gulp. I thought it would have been nice to have something to chew afterward whenever I took a sip but there was none.

In any case, I would say that NesVita Cereal Milk drink might not be the best tasting breakfast drink out there but it’s definitely one of the healthiest. And that’s enough for me to give it another try some other time.

3 thoughts on “NesVita Cereal Milk Drink: Choco Malt Flavor

  1. Serendipitous

    The contents in the cup that you have pictured does not look appetizing in the least bit! LOL! I just saw that at my grocery store the other day and wondered how it tasted….. thanks for the heads up! Since you bought it already, maybe you could try throwing it in a blender with some bananas and/or strawberries and adding some chocolate kisses to it — Doctor it up a bit! Thanks for the blog!

  2. Kamesenin Butan

    Try this… Nesvita cereal choco flavor + premium dairy low fat milk (instead of water)


    need sponsor on dairy milk drinks at Rakyat function

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