O’Coffee Club, Singapore

By | July 26, 2010


One of the more prominent local coffee shops in Singapore is O’Coffee Club or simply, Coffee Club. And I was lucky enough to visit their branch on Wheelock Place K1 during my last visit to the country.

However, O’Coffee Club is not just your usual cafe, because they don’t only serve gourmet coffee and pastries but also a lot of gourmet food – meals, salads, desserts and all.

But I didn’t go to Coffee Club for their food because… you guessed it – I was there to try their coffee and other beverages. And here’s a short list of what I was able to try.

This is the Iced Passion Tea Vanilla. It’s passion fruit flavored iced tea topped with vanilla ice cream. I don’t know what else they’ve put in there but the drink really tasted exotic, sweet and yet refreshing.

This drink is the Minty Lychee Tea Freeze. Imagine “Sprite” or “7-Up” infused with mint syrup, add some lychee bits and top with vanilla ice cream. Having this was a unique drinking experience that’s hard to describe.

And finally, a drink whose taste was more familiar and expected – the Banana Butterscotch Latte. Three words to describe this – smooth, creamy and sweet.

Do you think these drinks are fancy? Head on over to Coffee Club’s website and take a look at their gourmet food offerings. Warning: don’t browse it if you’re hungry.

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