O’sonho Portuguese Fusion: Iced Lemon Tea, Latte and More

By | June 22, 2010


Almost hidden from the crowd at the New Eastwood Mall is this dining place called O’sonho. It’s a Portuguese Fusion restaurant and not Japanese, as many often think because of its name.

O’sonho (pronounced as “osonyo”) means dream in Portuguese and the owner, Anton Nik Brancik, says he named it so because it was always his dream to put up a Portuguese restaurant.

I was able to try O’sonho the other night and was privileged to talk to Nik and ask him what makes Portuguese food different from Spanish cuisine.

He said that the Portuguese, being “explorers” during historical times, was exposed to a lot of spices which in turn, influenced their cooking. Their cuisine now usually has peri-peri (small, fiery chili peppers), black pepper, cinnamon, vanilla and saffron in them.

Yes, the peri-peri was indeed “fiery” but good thing I had my iced lemonade tea to refresh me.

Of all the dishes I tried that night, my favorite would have to be the Peri-Peri Chicken Pasta below. I’ll surely order this again when I come back to O’sonho.

But of course, what’s a meal without dessert?

Me and my friends shared the Almond Sansrival above and the Java Toblerone Mousse below which comes with a very high personal recommendation from me.

A perfect partner for my Latte…

… and a perfect ending for a sumptuous meal.

O’sonho Portuguese Fusion restaurant also has a branch at Jupiter Street, Makati City.

2 thoughts on “O’sonho Portuguese Fusion: Iced Lemon Tea, Latte and More

  1. Frank L

    O’Sonho Portuguese not worth spending for. Unreasonably overpriced without producing good food. Service was okay but order takers had poor knowledge of the menu items. I ordered a their Bacalhau and asked if it was a fillet. Order taker confirmed it was. Food came out with hardly any fish in it and tiny pieces of fish dipped in sauce. Tasted weird. i asked for it to be changed. The woman server changed it but not after making a face without apologizing. A can of soda was 65. A lemonade almost colored white was 210. Hotel price in a lousy joint. The bill came with the Bacalhau being charged still. I had to call their attention about it. They did again without any apology. As we were leaving, the woman server who took back the Bacalhau looked me straight in the eye as she passed me by. I waited for 2 seconds for her to thank me. None came. Paying a hotel price for a lousy joint is not worth. The only thing good though is the Periperi Chicken.

  2. Fitz Post author

    Hi Frank.

    I’m sorry for the unfortunate experience. I will ask the owner, Mr. Anton Nik Brancik to read your comment so he can do something about it.

    Thanks for being honest. Cheers!

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