Pablo’s Steaks and Crabs: Honey Dew and Dragonfruit Shakes

By | September 14, 2010


Tired and famished from my hour and a half afternoon flight from Manila to General Santos City, Cotabato, I was ready to eat a feast – and a feast I got at Pablo’s Steaks and Crabs.

But more than that, I was able to drink for the first time a Honey Dew shake and a Dragonfruit shake as well.

The green one is the Honey Dew shake, which tastes like a lighter tasting melon shake. Meanwhile, the deep red one is the Dragonfruit shake. It’s interestingly salty rather than sweet, but nevertheless refreshing.

And speaking again of the feast, here’s what I had for dinner together with the GenSan bloggers – the Ranchero’s Cowboy Feast.

Don’t let the image fool you. That tray is big and it took two people to bring it to our table. Just to sample, here’s Don showing how big the baby back ribs that was served to us.

Pablo’s Steaks and Crabs is a partner of Ranchero Grill and Seafood Restaurant, and one of the must try places to eat in General Santos, in my opinion.

They’re located inside the Paseo del Sol along the National Highway in General Santos City. For reservations, you can call (083)553-9298 and look for Mr. Nester Paras, their Operations Manager.

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