Pahimis Coffee Festival of Amadeo, Cavite

By | February 18, 2012


This weekend marks another year for the Pahimis Coffee Festival in Amadeo, Cavite and it was a stroke of luck that I passed by the town yesterday and witnessed some of their festivities.

I’ve heard about the Pahimis Coffee Festival for the first time around three years ago but never really had the chance to go, that’s why I was glad to be part of it this year.

Amadeo is a municipality in the province of Cavite, and is best known as the “Coffee Capital of the Philippines”. This town is the largest producer of coffee beans in the country and many big brands such as Nestle is said to outsource their beans here.

All the activities for this year’s Pahimis Festival was held at the town plaza in Amadeo, Cavite. I spent the afternoon watching and taking photos of the street dancers.

I arrived a bit late so I was not able to catch all of the barangays who participated in the presentation.

Aside from the grand parade and street dancing, there will be a trade fair, exhibitions and a cultural show.

There’s also a schedule for a fun run, coffee tree planting activities, agricultural seminars, coffee farm tours, a Thanksgiving Mass and a music variety show.

Too bad I already have appointments for the weekend, I would have came back to Amadeo to watch the other festivities lined up for this year.

But there’s always next year… specially now that I know that the Pahimis Coffee Festival is usually celebrated every third or fourth weekend of February.

The annual Pahimis Coffee Festival is celebrated to promote coffee consumption for both local and global trades, it aims to likewise help farmers enhance yield and keep their interest in coffee farming.

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