Pao Pao Xiao Chi: Milk Teas, Fruit Teas and More

By | May 2, 2011


Last weekend, I was invited to attend a blogger event at Pao Pao Xiao Chi.

The store, whose name means “very full” (Pao Pao) and “small snacks” (Xiao Chi), is where you can find authentic Taiwanese tea-based drinks and Taiwanese street food items at very affordable prices.

The place looks like your typical milk tea store, like Serenitea or Bubble Tea. And upon scanning their milk tea menu, I decided to have the Yakult Green Tea!

You’ve got a whole bottle of Yakult in there, mixed with iced green tea. You have the option to have sugar water and tapioca “black pearls” added to it (which I did).

It’s refreshing and nice, highly recommended to those who complains why Yakult only comes in small bottles.

Those are some Spicy Squid, which is like our very own Calamares. The Spicy Pork (the one next to it) and Spicy Chicken (not on the photo, but it looks this way also) are among their best-selling snacks.

And they provide a lot of choices of flavored spices for it. If you’re craving for KFC Shakin Shots, I suggest you go to Pao Pao Xiao Chi instead. Go for the Yellow Curry with some Orange and a dash of Sea Weed and Red Chili!

Not really a fan of milk tea? Then you can order their fruit teas instead. They have quite a selection but if you ask me, I’d recommend the Fresh Orange Lemon tea.

If you want something more than just a light snack, then you should definitely try their Wanton and Dumplings – they’re quite yummy! They also serve noodles and rice meals if you’re really hungry.

I’d like to thank Mr. Jerome Tan and the other co-owners of Pao Pao Xiao Chi for accommodating us bloggers that day. I really enjoyed trying out your food and drinks. I’ll surely come back soon with my friends!

Currently, Pao Pao Xiao Chi has three stores within Metro Manila. The main store is in Little Baguio, San Juan City; the other one at 999 Mall in Divisoria, Manila and third store at Ycaza Street, San Miguel, Manila.

3 thoughts on “Pao Pao Xiao Chi: Milk Teas, Fruit Teas and More

  1. yen

    Nice post! Glad I found this blog, cos I was Google-ing Yakult. Are u from the Philippines?

  2. Kym

    Yeah! It tastes like Serenitea, Happy Lemon and Bubble Tea, and they sell it with lower price. They also have in RCBC Podium πŸ™‚

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