Passing The Torch To The Next Batch of Emerging Influential Blogs

By | September 7, 2011


I waited until the very last day to post my entries for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011 because I thought it would be better to see first which blogs are qualified this year before I make my decision.

So alas, after careful consideration, it’s now time for me to pass the torch to the next batch of deserving blogs who have in their own ways, become influential online – and to them, I say CHEERS!

The Thirsty Blogger’s Choices for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011, in alphabetical order:

  1. Blogger Manila – Jonel’s take on social media, blogging and online engagements is something I always look for when I want to update myself with what’s happening in the Philippine blogosphere.
  2. Certified Foodies – With food events happening left and right, it’s good that I have Mhel and Ken to keep me informed of where to eat next in the city.
  3. Eat’s Terrific – They say you should never trust a skinny chef, and I believe it should be the same for food bloggers. That’s why I know that Orman is someone I can always trust when it comes to food. 😛
  4. Libotero – I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with Sinjin a handful of times and I must say, this guy really lives up to his blog’s name.
  5. Markable – Mark may not update his blog as often as I’d like to see; but every time he does, I always end up smiling after reading his reMARKABLE entries.
  6. Me Likes Art – Will’s take on film, literature, theater and television is something I always enjoy reading. I must say that I’m a fan.
  7. Sleek in the City – Once you start reading Mark’s blog, it’s often hard to stop yourself from reading one entry after another because it’s entertaining, informative and easy to digest.
  8. Tales from the Tummy – A co-finalist in last year’s Philippine Blog Awards for Food and Beverage, Richard has created a food blog that can really make your mouth water just by looking at his photos.
  9. Teacher’s Pwet – A light and entertaining read, Mots’ blog is definitely where I am whenever I want a quick laugh or two.
  10. Unbox – Carlo and his team gives all tech-loving Pinoys, which includes me, the latest news and updates on gadgets, gizmos and toys.

And that’s it! I wish all the nominated blogs this year all the best and good luck!

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