Peach Granita Freeze and More at Calea Bacolod

By | November 2, 2009


Another reason why I gained a couple of pounds in Bacolod was because of Calea, a pastry and coffee shop available nowhere else in the country but in that city.

I was able to visit two of their branches, the one beside L’ Fisher Hotel in Lacson Street and their branch in Robinson’s Place in Mandalagan (photo below). Their newest and third branch is in East Block, along the Circumferential Road.


My first time there, I was tired from all the walking around the city to watch the MassKara Festival. It was a warm and sunny day and the peach granita freeze was good enough to quench my thirst.


But I believe that the real reason why you should go to Calea is for their cakes. Which are quite delicious and decadent. One of my many favorites? Their blueberry cheesecake.


The people of Bacolod are really lucky to have Calea. As for me, all I can hope is that they branch out to Metro Manila soon.

7 thoughts on “Peach Granita Freeze and More at Calea Bacolod

  1. jj

    hehehe… thanks for enjoying our little oasis that we proud to call our own… actually, it was already asked before in one of the blogs floating in cyberspace if indeed calea would branch out to manila. the owner said no because it will affect the price and the quality.

    but like all things, i wish that iloilo could have a franchise man lang since going there is just 1:30hrs away….

    there has already been crosspollination of bacolod and iloilo restos like imays (bacolod to iloilo), decos batchoy to butot balat to crave burger (iloilo to bacolod)… and i hope calea will take the initiative also…

  2. Katz

    hi, can i ask something.. if how much is your blueberry cheese cake? and the mudpie cake? thanks…

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  4. u8mypinkcookies

    ive heard a lot of people rave about calea’s cakes!!

  5. lovelyghurl (angel nina)

    wow my mom works there and i taste many kinds of cakes in CALEA so come!!!! if you taste the cakes here it is so tasty

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