Pepsi Max

By | May 28, 2009


Have you tried drinking Pepsi Max? I think it’s the only cola out there that’s being marketed as an energy drink. Am I right?

With so many varieties of zero calorie – no sugar soft drinks in the market, Pepsi Max stands out in terms of its campaigns. Pepsi Max usually shows funny and unique commercials showing young people living an active life.


With tag lines such as “There is no Plan B”, “Maximum taste, no sugar” and “Don’t worry, there’s no sugar.” One will surely be curious enough to drink and try Pepsi Max, even Coca Cola lovers like me.

Anyway, just sharing a few thoughts on Pepsi Max. More sugar free colas coming your way in future posts. I’m leaving you guys with this funny Pepsi Max ad spot from the 2009 Super Bowl. Enjoy watching!

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