Plantation Bay Iced Tea at Bar 21 Restaurant in Bacolod

By | October 29, 2009


Walking along Lacson Street in Bacolod during the MassKara Festival celebrations surely made me parched. Good thing there’s Bar 21 Restaurant located along 21st to quench my thirst and fill my hunger late at night.

And for my thirsty adventures, I tried their Plantation Bay Iced Tea.


This homebrew is tea that’s infused with pineapple. That’s why it tastes tarty or a bit sour, just like the Cold Lemon Ginger drink at Sango’s. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing and the citrus flavor will surely wake and energize you.


But Bar 21 Restaurant is more than just drinks. It’s actually a very nice fine dining restaurant with an affordable price tag. If you’re there, I encourage you to try their bachoy!


To learn more about Bar 21 Restaurant, you can visit their website here.


Watch out for more drinking adventures in Bacolod coming your way only here at The Thirsty Blogger.

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