Red Iced Tea by Tokyo Tokyo

By | May 8, 2009


The first time I had Tokyo Tokyo’s famous Red Iced Tea was when I was a kid. I could say it was love at first sip. Before that, I was used to the usual instant lemon iced teas my mom makes at home. No wonder it was a very surreal experience to taste this unique ice cold drink at that time.

I remember bragging to my classmates back then about drinking this the next day at school. Some were intrigued while some were indifferent, but a few of them said they’ve also had it and indeed, it was unique and delicious.

Years have passed since then but until now, I can still vividly remember that day every time I’m at Tokyo Tokyo and drinking my Red Iced Tea. Ain’t it crazy?

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  3. Singapore Dine

    I agree the red iced tea from Tokyo Tokyo is really good! I have many fond memories sharing red iced tea with friends and many others. It really is quite addictive and very refreshing too!

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